Budget Shopping in Metro Manila

Need to do some shopping but you are on a tight budget? Then never fear! There are places in Metro Manila where you can go to and buy brand new clothes, shows, and accessories at cheap prices. Budget shopping has never been easier.

Department Stores

Although not the cheapest option in this list, it is by far the most convenient. There are a lot of these all over Metro Manila for your budget shopping convenience. On top of that, you get to shop in an air conditioned building. There are a lot of choices to go through. Clothes, shoes, and even local handicraft are usually available in department stores such as SM Department Stores and The Landmark.

Ramp Crossings

If you want something that is stylish, but still perfect for budget shopping, then Ramp Crossings located in Shangri-La Mall, Glorietta and Trinoma would fit the bill! A lot of the designers who sell through these stores are up and coming in the local fashion scene so you can be sure these are elegant, unique, and most of all, can still be considered budget shopping.

Greenhills Shopping Center

One of the most popular go-to spots for budget shopping, Greenhills Shopping Center has been known for cheap prices, imported goods, and outright great finds. You want a fashionable top? How about a nice message t-shirt? A new pair of shoes? This place has it all!


And of course, the Holy Grail of all budget shopping in Metro Manila, Divisoria. There are thousands and thousands of stalls and shops in this place. Whatever you need, and that is not an exaggeration, you can find at Divisoria for a very good price. They sell everything from shoes to solar panels; laptops to jewelry. And of course, there are a lot of cheap, good food that goes along with shopping here which makes it an even better deal!

Well, of course there is one more way to make these great deals even sweeter. Why not wait for deals, sales, and promotions in these budget shopping-friendly places? In that way, you get to save even more!

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