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Coffee or Tea?

In the past couple of years, we have seen the emergence of coffee shops in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines. With the emergence of Starbucks in almost every corner of the country’s business districts, a lot of other chains followed suite.

Today, if you have a craving for a good quality coffee, the toughest part is probably deciding which chain to indulge in. As mentioned, you have Starbucks, there’s also The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best, UCC and many more! The Metro Manila coffee scene has never been as packed as today. And the best part about this is that we, the consumers, can get the most out of all this competition!

As each chain tries to outdo the other, they offer improving benefits, promotions, service, and sometimes even discounts just so you get your coffee fix with that store.

And if you think things cannot get better, it already has! A new kid is on the block: tea. Ironically though, this is considered as the oldest drink available to man outside of water but it is relatively new to the Metro Manila commercial and foodie scene.

There has been a lot of tea lovers and drinkers in the Philippines. Metro Manila coffee shops actually offer tea (but to a lighter extent of course). But lately, we have seen shops such as SereniTea, Happy Lemon, and TWG Tea Shop all take their stand and offer GREAT drinks as well.

There is a reason why tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. It is a great drink for breakfast to get your daily caffeine needs. It is relatively light, easy to drink, has cleansing properties, and you can make it taste however you may like. Much like coffee, there are a lot of variations to this drink.

Which brings us to the actual question, which beverage is better? Should I go out and grab myself the largest mocha frapuccino I can get? Or should I consider a milk earl grey tea with extra sago instead?

The answer is simple actually. Everyone has their own taste and opinion, so would you. So why not take advantage of all these available options and decide for yourself? You can even wait awhile for special promotions, discounts and sale of coffee or tea so you get the best deal possible!